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Welcome to West U Orthodontics in Houston, TX

At West U Orthodontics, the health and happiness of our patients is our number one priority. Always. When you’re in our care, you have our complete attention while we work with you to develop a good bite, straight teeth, and a beautiful smile.

Everyone at our practice, from Dr. Anna Salas through each team member, is a consummate and experienced professional. We’re also personable, friendly, and we love our work! What other profession would allow us to become friends with so many amazing people, while we create smiles that increase self-esteem and lead to greater confidence? When we see a patient transform from being a person who hides their smile to someone who smiles and laughs without concern, we know we’ve done a good thing. We’d like to bring about such a transformation in your life, too.

Some of the smile-creating options available at West U Orthodontics are:

We believe you should be knowledgeable about orthodontics prior to starting treatment. We also believe you should feel comfortable and welcomed in the practice you select for your care. As such, we invite you to schedule a consultation for yourself or a loved one at West U Orthodontics, where you’ll come in, meet Dr. Salas and our team, receive an exam, and learn about the options for creating your new smile.

We’re located in the West University area of Houston orthodontic office, directly across the street from West U Elementary and easily reached by people in downtown Houston, The Galleria, and Texas Medical Center.

Please call to schedule your consultation, today. We can’t wait to start you on the path to straight, healthy, beautiful teeth for a lifetime of amazing smiles!