Always have a smile on your face in 2023

The year is almost over and you probably have a list of wishes that you want to see come true in 2023.

It would be wonderful to not only take care of your overall health, but also take into account your mouth to always wear a smile on your face. And if you don't like the way your teeth look, make it a goal to get orthodontic treatment.

There are a variety of treatments to straighten teeth. From metal braces to in-office aligners, with the best technology on the market. Dr. Salas will tell you in your consultation what would be the ideal treatment for you since each case is different and therefore, the type of braces to use and the time it to takes to straighten teeth is also different.

Those who have completed their orthodontic treatments can attest to how beautiful it is to see the before and after of their teeth and, of course, how proud they are to have made their teeth a priority.

Don't neglect yourself at Christmas. Teeth should be taken care of even during the breaks we have this time of year. It is very tasty to eat the Christmas dishes and desserts that are prepared to celebrate that the year is ending, that a new year is about to begin, and that it is time to get together and share with our loved ones and friends to express gratitude and tell them how much we love them.

The routine of brushing your teeth changes a little, especially if you have braces. That is why Dr. Anna Salas advises you that better hygiene will be your best defense.

And of course, lower your sugar intake, avoid snacking on food during the day and drinking carbonated beverages as all this can cause tooth decay and put your orthodontic treatment at risk and/or delay it. Remember that very hard foods, in addition to loosening the wire or detaching braces, can split or crack a tooth or molar.

Some people believe that chewing gum helps clean teeth if you do not have enough time for a dental cleaning at home. This is a mistake, since it is sticky and can stick to the braces and even pull them off.

To conclude, Dr. Anna salas and her team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023 and remember that you are never too old for a new smile. The best is yet to come.