Goodbye to dental impressions

Today, thanks to technological advances, dentists have the intraoral scanner that allows them to take a digital impression of the mouth in a precise way, through the emission of a light source on the patient's jaws without any radiation.

This latest generation device has replaced dental impressions. It offers an instant 3D image replacing the plaster casts, providing data of interest for diagnosis and predicting the treatment to be followed and its results.

This diagnostic tool has a touch screen computer system that takes detailed images of the anatomical structures of the oral cavity that are then displayed on the touch screen in a three-dimensional image. “It will show cavities, fractured teeth, the presence of calculus, and the current position of the pieces, offering the patient results that are easier to understand. It also helps to improve the Smile design in Orthodontic treatments (retainers and palatal appliances), brackets, and invisible aligners, also for the creation of Dental Prosthesis, Dental Veneers, Crowns on implants, Overlay Inlays, Inlays and Onlays, among others.

The benefits of this digital technique are:

  • Scan the teeth shortly.
  • Show a 3D image of the patient´s mouth.
  • Better result.
  • Greater patient comfort.
  • No reflux. Sensation.
  • Provides an accurate diagnosis of other defects.