Beginning orthodontic treatment

The day has come to start your orthodontic treatment. A large percentage of the world's population has experienced anxiety or nerves not knowing what to feel after leaving the orthodontist's office. So don't feel alone.

But I will tell you a little about what you might feel, although it will depend on each person. There are those who may feel some slight discomfort that is mostly due to the same process of adaptation to the appliances, in this case, the braces.

If you have a little chafing or intraoral lesions, let me tell you that they are totally normal. Therefore, Dr. Anna Salas will advise you that to alleviate and prevent them, the use of orthodontic wax will be your best ally. You should take this wax with you everywhere you go because, you never know when a wire might bother you.

Decades ago, braces used to be quite uncomfortable, painful to wear and even caused injuries inside the mouth, causing sores. In addition, they were unsightly because of how big they were and, as they were commonly worn by teenagers and young adults, they were often not what they liked the most as they felt they were losing their self-esteem.

But as everything evolves, orthodontics did not lag behind. Today, brackets are more discreet, smaller and are attached to each tooth and molar. This makes patients adapt faster to the process and it is possible to feel something strange and uncomfortable in the mouth during the first three or four days, but believe us, it disappears quickly.

The important thing is that at the beginning of orthodontic treatment and during the process, maintain excellent oral hygiene, control your diet and avoid hard or chewy foods, attend monthly visits, and follow the advice that Dr. Anna Salas will give to ensure that the process is successful.

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