Keeping teeth in their new position

Many patients wonder why it is necessary to wear retainers permanently after orthodontic treatment is completed. The answer is simple: teeth have a natural tendency to move. So it is advisable to prevent this from happening and to maintain the position of the teeth achieved with braces.

How can you keep your teeth perfectly aligned for years? The best ally is the retainer (which is used in the retention phase, once the orthodontic treatment has been completed). Do you know what it is?

It is an oral appliance, which can be removable or fixed, to prevent the teeth from moving back to their initial position after orthodontic treatment. The idea is to "stop" any movement. This is usually made of plastic and metal and is either removable or a fixed wire attached to the teeth.

It is important that as a patient you follow the instructions of Dr. Anna Salas, to maintain the excellent results achieved with orthodontics.

There is a high percentage of patients who neglect their teeth once the orthodontic treatment is finished. And why does this happen? Simply because they forget to wear their retainers or don't like to be seen wearing them (when they are removable).

At first, these removable appliances will be worn for a couple of months for 24 hours, only to be removed for eating and then only at night. They must be cared for, so it is necessary to store them when they are removed and to wash them often.

It is important to emphasize that it is the patient's responsibility to keep the teeth in their final position and not let them go back to the initial position of the orthodontic treatment. One must be aware of how indispensable it is to use retainers.

In the case of fixed retainers, the situation is simpler as they are a thin sheet of wire that is placed from fang to fang, both in the upper and lower teeth. The cement used does not damage the enamel of the teeth, it is only so that they do not come off. They are aesthetic, are not noticeable and are comfortable. They don’t create sores or wounds. Best of all, they don’t interfere with speech!

And to top it off, a semi-annual or annual visit with Dr. Salas, is the ideal care to continue wearing a proud smile.

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