Looking healthy and beautiful with braces

Patients beginning orthodontic treatment are given a lot of emphasis on hygiene both at home and deep cleaning with their dentist during the process.

Yes, just as you read. Braces do not represent any impediment to remove tartar from the teeth and although many people believe that it is not possible, on the contrary, it is done every 6 months to prevent complications or diseases such as gingivitis and tooth decay.

And when you have braces, it is difficult for the toothbrush to reach some areas and although people are much more consistent in their cleaning, they should still follow the advice given by Dr. Anna Salas regarding professional cleaning to show off a healthy and beautiful smile with braces.

It should be noted that to ensure maximum cleaning of the mouth and remove any tartar (causing inflammation of the gums), resin stains, coffee, among others this professional cleaning is done with ultrasound which is an electrical device that combines vibration with a jet of pressurized water. It is simple and painless, so you can do it with confidence.

For this procedure, it is only necessary to remove the rubber bands and wires. The pressure exerted with the water should not be too strong so that the braces do not come off. This is usually done on one of the days when the patient has adjustments in orthodontic treatment.

Once the cleaning is completed, the orthodontist will replace the wires and rubber bands. If the patient has excellent control and hygiene of her teeth, this procedure should not take more than half an hour.

Only dentists or hygienist are trained to perform this type of check-up, which is essential for the correct application of the treatment.

And just as this cleaning is important, oral care at home is also essential.

It is necessary to put into practice the steps that Dr. Anna Salas taught you to follow when brushing your teeth. Do it when getting up and going to bed, and after every meal and snack.